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"There is no other infused salt that I would consider using in front of my millions of worldwide viewers on 'Taste This!' As far as I'm concerned, Zalta Herb-Infused Sea Salts have revolutionized the salt dreams of chefs."
Chef Joseph Ciminera, Taste This! T.V. Productions, Inc.

"I love your products. As a single professional, I like good food but often don't have a lot of time to cook. I can grill a chicken breast or steak, make a quick vegetable stir fry or pasta dish, even eggs -- and add a little Zalta. It makes my meals much more interesting without any effort."
Dr. Amy Wood, Portland, Maine

Pasta Salad Dressings        

"For years I have searched for a half-way decent cinnamon roll to no avail until now! Yours exceed all expectations! They are SOOOOO good! I am overwhelmed by an endorphin rush and feeling oh-so-totally sated! Thank you, Renaissance Farm!"
Peg Fisher, Racine, Wisconsin

Cinnamon Rolls

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